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Why Do Businesses Need Facebook?

  • Do you know where your customers and potential customers are? Most of them are on Facebook. If you're not, your business is missing out. There are a lot of different reasons that businesses need Facebook on their side when it comes to marketing and reaching out to their audience, but the bottom line is that there are more than 3 million users around the world that spend at least a few minutes every day on Facebook. That kind of exposure doesn't come easy, or free, unless your business has a Facebook page. Here are some other things to keep in mind when you're considering whether your business needs Facebook (Hint: it does.):

    •    55 minutes. According to statistics, this is the average amount of time a typical Facebook user spends on the site every single day. Almost an hour every day? That's a lot of time and opportunity to grab consumer attention.
    •    Facebook Pages (a specific type of profile that is different than a profile or a group) allow your business to categorize itself properly, auto-accept friends (fans), and create an interactive space where people can engage with your business.
    •    Increased SEO and visibility online. Who doesn't like taking advantage of free marketing tools? Creating a Facebook page allows you to get better search engine rankings. If you use SEO and informative content on your business Facebook, it will rank highly in search engine results and improve your visibility.
    •    Real-time search, which helps improve your search engine optimization and reputation. If you allow public content availability, real-time search results will display your business Facebook page in results when a relevant search is performed.
    •    The average Facebook user has around 130 friends. That means that if your page is 'liked' by one person, it will show up on the News Feed to their friends, opening you up to exposure to hundreds of people every time someone else 'likes' your Facebook page. It's like virtual word-of-mouth, and it's something every business should take advantage of.

    There are plenty of different reasons that your business needs Facebook. What it boils down to, though, is that this is a FREE opportunity to reach out to your audience in their preferred environment, improve your SEO rankings and visibility, and show off your business in a way that people can relate to. Anyone can create a website and market it to the public. Taking advantage of social media resources like Facebook is going to give you the upper hand in marketing your business and generating a strong, dedicated following.
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