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Visualscope Web Design Articles

Free Website Templates
A collection of free CSS web design templates for your website.

Webmaster Tools
A collection of tools and scripts for your website.

Business Development

Web Design Case Study
A case study of selecting a web design firm.

Web Design: What You Should Know about Web Design to Help You Increase Sales
An article that researches the various components that make up a strong sales orientated website.

Web Design is Much more than Designing a Pretty Website
Web designing beyond the aesthetics.

Marketing 101
A comprehensive guide and primer to marketing. Part 1.

Marketing 102
A comprehensive guide and primer to marketing. Part 2.

Does Having Good Content on Your Site Really Matter?
An article touching upon the importance of having good content on your website.

Three Things You Can Do to Get Business from Your Website
The three things you can do to get more business from your website.

A step by step planning guide for developing websites
A step by step guide to help you gather the right resources and information to building a successful web presence.

Building a Web Site that SELLS
The options and differences between visually appealing sites, and websites that sell.

Web Design vs. SEO vs. Social Media
Websites that focus on design usability, social media marketing and search engine optimization.

What is the Web Design Process?
An article describing the basic process of designing a website.

Taking full advantage of local search results
Making full use of the search engines local search feature to the advantage of your business.

Web Design Development Guide: Tips For Redesigns That Sell
Key web site design and development principles to help you plan your next web project.

Website content copyright issues
An article discussing the available options to pursue when your web design, content or software has been copied.

Factors to consider when hiring a web design company
With today's technology, more and more companies are utilizing the World Wide Web to promote their businesses. Here are some critical factors to consider before hiring a web design company to work on your website.

Benefits of informational articles
Some hidden benefits of creating an article directory on your website.


How to Overcome the SEO Challenges for an eCommerce Website
The inherent problems with SEOing eCommerce websites and how to overcome them.

A guide to setting up a custom e-commerce web site
Almost everyone has heard of Yahoo stores and Paypal. This article attempts to provide a guide to setting up a custom and professional e-commerce web site.

Search Engine Optimization

Link Building: Your Way to SEO Success
A basic primer to link building for your website.

What is The Google Panda Update
Information about Google Panda and how to overcome any penalties.

How To Program SEO Friendly URLs using PHP
An article detailing how to code SEO friendly URLs using mod rewrites in PHP.

Applying SEO in reputation and brand management
How to properly manage your online reputation and branding.

Using Latent Semantic Indexing to research your keywords
Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI is a new development in search engines algorithm and results ranking. This article explains how to research keywords with Latent Semantic Indexing to maximize your returns.

Vision-based page segmentation VIPS
An article discussing Vision-based Page Segmentation (VIPS) which could herald a different method of link building.

Writing An Effective Online Press Release
Information and guide to writing effective online press releases.

Google supplemental index
Focusing on the infamous supplemental index and some tips for getting out of it.

Link building
An article discussing some link building ideas and methods to increasing traffic to your website.

10 tips to optimizing your web page
This article provides 10 easy tips that you can implement on your web pages to increase your overall on-site search ranking score.

Does the Google Sandbox Exist, and what is it?
In this article, we explain what the "Sandbox" effect is, and methods to help increase your web presence during this period.

Differences between search engine optimization and marketing
Confused between SEO and SEM? In this article, we clearly spell out the differences between both techniques, and how a combined approach can bring multiple streams of qualified traffic to your website.

No quick fixes to ranking well
In this article, we discuss some of the long term methods and strategies to help your site rank high.

Social Media

Is Google Plus Going to Be a Contender in the Social Media Playground?
An opinion on Google Plus viability and competitiveness in the social media landscape.

How Can Businesses Benefit from Using Twitter?
An article on how using Twitter can be beneficial to your business.

What is the Difference Between Twitter and Facebook?
An article on the differences between Twitter and Facebook.

Why Do Businesses Need Facebook?
An article with our opinion on how important Facebook is for businesses.

How Important is it for Your Business to Have a Good Reputation on the Internet?
An article detailing the importance on having good reputation online.

Web Design

How to Write Excellent Website Content
An article detailing the process and research into writing excellent web content.

How a Great Design Can Subconsciously Influence Your Audience
An article on how great design subconsciously influences your audience.

How Important is Usability in the Design of a Website
An article detailing the importance of usability in websites.

The Pros and Cons of Using WordPress
An article detailing the pros and cons of using Wordpress.

Mobile Responsive Web Design
An article about the future of web design using the responsive philosophy.

Website Design Best Practices: Using Title and Descriptions Tags Effectively
An article detailing the best practices to using the meta title and description tags effectively.

Designing Accessible Websites
How to design your website to be accessible for users with disabilities.

Review Bad Websites and Learn What not to do
Reviewing poor web design mistakes and how to avoid them.

Website Design - Rapid Prototyping Using Sketchflow
How to use SketchFlow (Microsoft's Expression Studio) to protype a web design layout.

What Makes For an Excellent Website Design?
The factors that define good website design.

What to do and What NOT to do in Website Design
An article detailing the do's and dont's of website design.

The Basics of Great Website Designs
A selection of tips and guidelines to help you design a great looking web page.

Key steps To building a successful website
A compilation of key steps to developing a successful website in any industry.

CSS tableless web sites
An article discussing both benefits and disadvantages of converting your web design into a CSS XHTML web site.

The basics of web design
In this article, we touch upon the fundamental basics of web design.

Starting out in web design
This article provides information on how you can start to create your own web sites.

Website design basics
A guide to the basic needs of web site design.

Web Development

What is a Content Management System, and does my business need one?
A content management system or CMS is often a great solution for in-house web maintenance. We also provide some tips on how to best optimize your dynamic web pages.

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