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Visualscope Web Design Testimonials

  • We are extremely happy with our partnership with VisualScope. They are incredibly responsive to our needs and rapid adjustments, including their willingness to collaborate with our back-end on-line donation processing firm.

    Eve Kopp
    Seattle Children's Hospital Foundation

  • To Tetsu and the Visualscope team,
    Thank you so very much for your hard work and committment to the Friends of The Seattle Public Library website! You did a wonderful job and it was a pleasure working with you.

    Friends Board of Trustees
    Friends of the Seattle Public Library

  • As founder of a non-profit organization and a social entrepreneur, I sought a web developer and SEO expert in 2006 who was not only a brilliant designer but also believed in making a difference in the world through innovative use of the web. Our organization wanted to work with someone who was creative, knowledgeable, responsive to our needs, and reasonably priced. We wanted a partner who could communicate well, understand our social mission, and advise us about how our website could become a vehicle for grassroots change. We found this, and much more, in Visualscope and Tetsu Liew.

    Visualscope worked with us to do a complete redesign of a large content-rich site, followed by six months of work devoted to search engine optimization and marketing. Our site has been extremely well received, climbed quickly to the first pages of the top search engines, and achieved “authority status” within six months. We are extremely grateful to Tetsu Liew and his staff for their professionalism and dedication to our project. We could not be more delighted with the outcome!

    I am pleased to provide the highest recommendation for Visualscope Studios. Upon request, I am happy to chat by email or phone if you are considering Visualscope for your company or non-profit organization.

    Marilyn Price-Mitchell
    National Parentnet Association

  • In the fall of 2004, I made an asset purchase of a travel based company. The company relied on word of mouth, repeat customers and online marketing as its sources for business.

    If I wanted to grow the company, it would have to be through the online marketing. Oddly enough, the company hosting the site was not very active and the previous owner did not monitor the site’s performance. The reality was that this was an old site which was quickly marching its way out of all pertinent rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN due to neglect.

    Frustrated with the lack of response from the incumbent hosting company, I sought out a more involved firm to help me with the site. I was directed to Visualscope Studios through an acquaintance and customer of theirs.

    The folks at Visualscope helped me completely redesign the site at a reasonable cost. We then put together a solid search engine optimization plan and within 6 months, my site began to appear on the front page of the major search engines for the most relevant searches. I have to say that I was impressed when you consider that there are millions of other sites all jockeying for the same place.

    In 2005, daily inquiries for my company’s services shot up by 300% and we added an additional $280,000 in sales for the year. Already in 2006, we are well ahead of what was already a pretty aggressive sales plan. The help with redesigning the site and more importantly the timely and cost effective implementation of the search engine optimization plan are what put my venture into high gear.

    I have also used Visualscope to design and implement an entirely new website for a new venture. This site looks beautiful, is climbing the rankings and is already very profitable as well.

    My working relationship with Visualscope Studios is one of my company’s strongest assets. Their service has proven to be quick and professional, their pricing reasonable and their performance in getting my sites presentable and climbing the rankings exceptional! I would recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their presence on the web.

    Steven Anderson
    Hawaiian Vacation Rentals

  • I was introduced to Tetsu Liew by a mutual business associate as someone who could build affordable and highly functional websites. Having looked at his portfolio, I decided to engage him to build our web site and start the optimization process.

    Tetsu has added significant value to our company in terms of creatively positioning our web presence, and then ensuring that we were taking appropriate actions to improve our rankings on the search engines, all within a very tight budget.

    Initially, we ranked well in MSN, soon followed by Yahoo and finally Google. His timetable was remarkably accurate! He was diligent in explaining the consequences of trying to speed up the process as well as the significance of building a heavy content site that the search engines would view as being an 'authority'. Having given him a free reign to do what he does best, we are pleased to report tremendous results from the site.

    From the small investment I made to have the site built and marketed, I have seen a substantial return on the original amount as the firm currently averages about 20 solid enquires a month from the website.

    I would be pleased to answer any questions on (858) 320-0474.

    Steve Fitzgerald
    Acquisition Services Group

  • We highly recommend Visualscope. They have been an incredible help to Crystallia. Visualscope assisted us with our web design and development along with our Search Engine Optimization strategy. Our web design went smoothly; they created a template for us to load large amounts of data and pictures onto to our web site which in turn saved us hours of data entry work.

    They continue to help us maintain, revise and fix problems as they arise. Visualscope has also succeeded in placing us in the top ten of the search rankings for our most important key words. They have been very insightful in brainstorming alternative marketing strategies.

    Patty Helberg
    Crystallia Inc.

  • When Total Reclaim decided it was time for a fresh look, I was referred to Tetsu Liew from a mutual business associate. After writing a creative brief and meeting with several Web development firms of varying sizes, we accepted Tetsu’s proposal and began creating a completely new web site from scratch.

    The process went as smoothly as can be expected. Tetsu spoke to us in non-technical terms and made it easy for us to progress towards our goals. When we had questions, Tetsu and his team were extremely responsive, doing whatever it took to work through technical issues and meet deadlines. The content management system makes it easy for us to make changes and update the site ourselves without going through a developer. In the end, we finished the project without going over budget, and for significantly less money than some large firms had quoted.

    One of the most important aspects of the project was the Search Engine Optimization campaign. Tetsu’s clever and tenacious work resulted in a jump for our web site from page five to near the top of page one of the organic search results.

    Since then, we’ve referred Tetsu to others and hired him again to build an e-commerce site for our subsidiary, EcoLights. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at (206) 343-7443.

    Peter Thermos
    Total Reclaim

  • Starquest Expeditions needed a brand new Web site to better present its educational private jet expeditions to sophisticated travelers. We also needed to have a tool to help us maintain and grow the Web site with relative ease. Even though we had 2 in-house writers, a print designer, and a project manager to articulate the goals and design concepts for the new Web site, we needed a lot of help in translating what we wanted into a finished, highly functional Web site and tool. As soon as we met Tetsu Liew of Visualscope, we knew we found the right company for the job.
    Tetsu and his colleagues are professional, innovative, fast, and easy to communicate with. Their process is straightforward and their repertoire of skills and solutions is impressive. They enabled us to achieve our goals and more -- all within a reasonable time frame and at a reasonable cost. I look forward to working with them on some exciting updates to our Web site, and highly recommend Visualscope to any company looking to improve their online presence.

    Heidi Wrightsman
    Starquest Expeditions

  • In our search for a reputable web development firm and search engine optimization (SEO) provider, it was important for us to find a solution provider who could set realistic project expectations and communicate these in plain English.  We choose Visualscope because everything was explained to us in a straightforward way and without confusing jargon.  Also, they educated us on the importance of building a site with strong unique content.

    After beginning the project, we were pleasantly surprised that the company not only delivered a well laid out web site that was easy to navigate and simple to update, but we always seemed a month or two ahead of schedule with regards to our rankings. In short, our expectations were exceeded and we are very glad that we choose Visualscope for both our web development and our SEO work.  I highly recommend them to any company wishing to create or solidify their online presence.

    Peter Kropf
    Gembutsu Consulting

  • Tetsu is dedicated to supporting his clients. He has been a true professional throughout our project. Bid response, conceptual layout, initial build, testing, and support have all been superb. I wouldn't hestitate to work with him again.

    Antonio Giacobbe
    Illuminating Engineering Society

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