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No quick fixes to ranking well

  • Many website owners are under the impression that there are some quick fixes to getting their site ranked high with the search engines. One of these is that just correcting their meta tags is enough to get the search engines ranking them number one in no time. However, the whole idea of Search Engine Optimization is that it requires a lot of little puzzle pieces that work together to make a site rank high and meta tags alone won’t do it.

    There is not a whole lot of information available for the search engines to use to determine what site is listed number one in the results and so on and so forth. Nevertheless, search results for different keyword phrases are generally very accurate despite the millions of pages out on the web.

    Internet search engines that focus on the products or pages on a particular site may be influence significantly by the Meta keyword tag. This helps users narrow down what page on your website they are looking for.

    There are lots of differences between internal search engines and public ones like Google, which is why Meta tags don’t make such a big difference in the public search engines. The reason why is that with internal search engines there are very few pages to search in order to find pages that are relevant. Not to mention the meta tags on your page are accurate because you want to help visitors find what they are looking for. But, with public search engines like Google, their databases are made up of pretty much every website they have indexed on the web and that is a lot of sites! The problem here with Meta tags is they are not trustworthy at least not from the search engine’s point of view. This is simply because the goal of the search engine and the goal of the website owner are not always the same things. For example, a website owner wants their site to be in the search results for as many keywords as possible however the search engine simply wants to return relevant pages, which might not always be that particular website owners. So, from the standpoint of getting high rankings with the search engines Meta tags are not where you should necessarily be focused.

    Basically, you can change or add Meta tags on your site as much or as little as you want. However, the Meta tags are not going to reflect your ranking in the search engines so don’t worry about them.

    Now, let’s talk about content. Your website needs good content but it is unlikely you will be able to generate the amount of good content in a week or so that will really make a difference. If you think that adding content to your site via content generation software that doesn’t really work or stealing it will help your rankings you are wrong. It generally takes several weeks, months, or even years to generate hundreds of pages of content that are really useful for your visitors. That is unless you hire the job out. If you can afford to pay for well written content then you can get your site filled up with useful information much quicker.

    Links are another interesting aspect of getting your website up in the rankings. However, you don’t want to just get a bunch of links to your site out there in order to increase your rankings. You want to get links that actually appeal to your target market and will ultimately direct more traffic to your site. If you are focused on links through “link farms’ or other similar link scheme then you are going in the wrong direction. Instead focus on how you can get your links on other websites that complement your site but are not in direct competition. You will have a similar target audience and you will increase your traffic, sales, and have the much needed links. The point is to market your site and this will take time and effort and probably even a little bit of money. As your site is marketed the more it will be linked to just because some site decides to add your link. While your SEO campaign is taking off get involved in PPC and marketing your site to draw people in. Just remember that websites don’t get that number one ranking in Google overnight. It just doesn’t happen. Remember that submitting your site to every single search engine and editing your Meta tags as well as trading links with all the sites on the web won’t give you the results you are hoping for if you have not developed a website that people want to visit.

    As long as you follow these suggestions you will be able to achieve the long term results you have hoped for and worked towards. Just be patient and work on making your site the best possible and all will work out.

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