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Vision-based page segmentation VIPS

  • If you are trying to improve the search engine rankings of your website, you likely know the importance of link building and of launching a successful link building strategy. Until recently, the primary strategy behind link building was to create quality links and quality anchor text. With the ever-changing algorithms utilized by search engines, however, this strategy is no longer enough to build a successful campaign. In fact, the use of visual page segmentation, which was recently proposed by Deng Cai, Xaiofei He, Ji-Rong Wen, and Wei-Ying in their paper “Block-level Link Analysis,” may seriously change how you are currently doing business. Visual page segmentation, which is more formally called Vision-based Page Segmentation (VIPS), is based on the premise that the algorithms currently being used in regard to link popularity are faulty. This is because the current algorithms view each of the pages on the Web as just one node. Yet, the various “blocks” on the pages have different semantics. In other words, block on the right side of the page may have text link advertisements while a block on the let side may have an article. With VIPS, these different blocks can actually be separated and viewed individually.

    With each of the blocks separated, the links in each block can be more accurately analyzed. In other words, the context of the link can also be identified, which helps the search engine make better decisions about its true relevance. In this way, the overall effect of your link building campaign can actually be improved if you manage to carry it out properly. At the same time, this new strategy would have quite an impact on sites when it comes to search engine optimization.

    When considering the potential impact on search engine optimization, it is important to keep in mind that this separation of blocks will likely result in certain blocks being considered more important. In other words, some sort of weighted system will likely develop. Therefore, links contained within the text on your site might be weighed more heavily than links contained in your advertisement block.

    So, what will this weight system mean for your site and your link campaign? Well, if you rent links from a link network and place them in a block that is next to the content block, they may get weighted as an advertisement rather than as content. As a result, they won’t help your site out as much as they once used to.

    With the weight system, the block in which your link is placed will be more important than ever. This is directly against the current line of thinking of “anchor text is everything.” With this way of thinking, the theme of the page that is linked to is not the most important aspect of the link campaign. Rather, the anchor text of the link is most important. With VIPS, on the other hand, the search engines will be able to identify the theme of any of the blocks on the site. This will increase the value of the links that are in blocks that have been themed properly. The ones that are in blocks without a clear theme, on the other hand, will have very little value.

    In the end, VIPS shouldn’t be a problem for the search engine optimizer. While it is true that VIPs will likely make some links less valuable than before, it will also increase the value of other links. Therefore, it will simply change the way search engine optimizers look at the links they use and where they place them. So, while you may have to place less emphasis on some types of links, you will get more value for your in-context links.

    In order to get the most out of your links with VIPS in place, you will simply need to place more value on placing legitimate links to your site. This includes links from directories, links through articles, and links from press releases. With these types of links, your links will be within a well-themed content block because your keywords will be located near to your link. If you actively build these more valuable types of links, you will still please the search engines as they currently are and you will have good search engine rankings which VIPS gets put into place. In fact, if VIPS does get placed into the algorithm, it will likely help separate the spammier sites from the real deal.
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