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Benefits of informational articles

  • When you visit a website you will likely see a resource library that has lots of articles that relate to the particular industry or topic of the website. There are many different types of articles including how-to’s, expert information, frequently asked questions, and the like. However, these articles are not sales pitches that are trying to get you to buy a particular product or service. They are informative articles.

    There are actually many benefits experienced for the visitors as well as the website owner thanks to the resource library. Visitors will love the site simply for providing free information and answering their questions. This results in the visitors returning to the site on a regular basis to find out more on a particular subject. This builds trust and as trust is built, the visitor is more likely to buy a product or service from your website.

    The benefit for the site owner is that the articles increase inbound links to the website. As the information is found by other webmasters, links will be created to a specific article page or the entire article database. This helps with rankings and traffic considerably.

    Another benefit is the articles may be written in a way to optimize certain keywords. When the keywords are optimized it will increase a site’s rankings in the search engines for particular keyword phrases that are competitive. Even though the traffic may originate with the articles, many visitors will continue clicking to find out a little more about the site.

    Many website owners get confused when it comes to an article directory because they are more focused on selling their product or service that they can’t see how investing in an article directory will help them. The point is that an article directory will not only educate consumers but create a relationship with them so that they will return to your website when they are prepared to make a purchase. Not to mention that visitors will read the articles, educate themselves, and show up when they are prepared to make a purchase knowing exactly what they need and want. This reduces the salesperson’s workload considerably and results in less wasted time.

    There are many websites out there that use an article directory to provide important information. Some of the sites that use this include Lowe’s, Bed Bath and Beyond and evenVisualscope!

    An example of this is for the people looking for window treatments. They search in Google and the first response is for an article on Bed Bath and Beyond’s website. The visitor checks it out, answers his question, and then completes his order online with Bed Bath and Beyond. It really is a simple concept that works wonders if you are willing to spend the time to craft and update these resourcse on a regular basis.

    Article resource libraries are certainly worth their investment and space on the web. They will result in more sales and more visitors at your site, which is very important and should be focused on up front.
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