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Using Latent Semantic Indexing to research your keywords

  • Obtaining high search engine results is a tricky endeavor. If you do not create a site that meets the criteria of the search engines, you will find yourself in a bad position on the search engine rankings. In fact, even some businesses are finding themselves at a lower rank in the search engine rankings when it comes to searches for their business names. This shocking fact became pretty well known in the search engine optimization industry when Paypal actually found itself no longer at the top of the Google search engine rankings. Obviously, a person performing a search for Paypal should expect to see the actual Paypal site ranked at the top of the search results. As such, this little anomaly has since been fixed. Nonetheless, it draws attention to the fact that unnatural backlinks on a site can result in some pretty terrible penalties, which is exactly what was happening with Paypal. In addition, the Paypal fiasco also made it clear that search engine optimizers need to gain a greater understanding of how anchor text penalties are applied to their sites. It also means they need to know how LSI can make sure anchor text variances do not have a negative impact on link building campaigns.

    Over the past year or so, webmasters have been discovering that the same link popularity building tactics they use to satisfy search engines such as Yahoo! do not create the same level of success on Google. This is because Google has developed features that actually filter out sites that seem to have developed an unnatural backlink structure. More specifically, Google appears to penalize those sites that contain unnatural backlink anchor text.

    In the past, “best” SEO practices have involved using descriptive anchor texts for internal as well as external links. Search engine optimizers have since found that it may be better to focus on just one keyword phrase and when determining the anchor text. This is particularly true when the topic has a keyword that receives a great deal of traffic when compared to other related keywords.

    It is important to keep in mind that finding good links can be a difficult thing to do. Therefore, you don’t want to use a link with a keyword that is not effective. Unfortunately, these types of links can be viewed as unnatural by the search engine. This is because the search engine views organic websites to be those that include a number of anchor text variations. If the site uses the same keyword for all of its backlink anchor text, it makes it appear as though the link popularity was obtained in an unnatural way.

    In order to address this issue, it is a good idea to take advantage of Latent Semantic Indexing, or LSI. LSI helps websites get beyond the vocabulary mismatch that occurs when human users utilize search engines. After all, individual words are not always reliable when it comes to developing a meaning for a document. For example, a website that is very relevant to televisions may never actually use the term “TV,” even though it means the same thing as television. With the help of LSI, the site will still be looked at as a relevant match when a person uses the word TV, even though TV never actually appears on the site.

    The same principles utilized by LSI for search engine keyword results can also be applied to backlinks. Although you may have a backlink that does not contain your main keywords, using a synonym to your main keyword will still be recognized. In this way, using a synonym to your keyword is almost like giving yourself a “bonus” for your main keyword.

    The penalties sites are receiving because of unnatural backlinks as well as the use of LSI technology indicates that it is best for webmasters to vary the anchor text the use with their backlinks. This means it is better to vary the keywords by using synonyms rather than using the same keyword over and over again. In addition, the same synonym should not be repeatedly used. Rather, webmasters should find and use as many synonyms and variations as possible. This way, they can obtain great search engine results placement without obtaining penalties for their links.
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