Reputation Management

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Reputation Management Services

Have you Googled your own business name or personal name online lately? If you haven’t, rest assured that your new customers and prospects have!

Now, more than ever before, businesses and even their owners need to keep a watchful eye on their online reputation and routinely monitor their own names and the names of their web properties.

A review of your online reputation may be the second search a potential customer may do once they have finished reviewing your website. Don’t let a negative review or bogus rip-off report kill the sale you worked so hard to close with a customer or potential buyer. In fact, it doesn’t even take a disgruntled customer to wreak havoc with your online reputation. Prospects that may not have been a good match for your services, may even angrily write a review, post a fictitious rating about your services, or even maliciously report your business to a rip-off site in retaliation for your refusal to work with or sell to them.

The impact of negative online reviews is high and can cost you customers. In fact, Google is now using their own auto-generated Google Places sites to catalog and archive online reviews from around the Web about your business. Even if you haven’t created a Google Places page, Google has done this for you. On top of that, this page (you may not even know about) is showing Web reviews about your business gleaned from Yelp, Yahoo, and CitySearch. Worse yet, if you have a bad review or several of them, Google is delivering these Places pages containing the bad reviews preferentially in their search results potentially even above your business website.

Did you know?

• Over 80% of consumers now check a business’ online reviews before making a purchase?
• 94% of Google users will only review the first top 10 results on Google.
• Bad online reviews can cost you new customers and money.
• Online reviews won’t go away on their own. They are delivered for years in the search results.
• Google is preferentially showing their own Google Places pages including ratings using a five start rating system above all websites.

Is there anything that a concerned business and business owner do to protect their online reputation or to remediate poor online reviews? At Visualscope Studios, we’ve created a special program to remediate a poor online reputation; pushing down poor reviews and to building up new legitimate positive reviews.

This is what is included in our services:

• Free review, analysis and consultation to address the key concentration points of your particular case.
• Suppression of past and present negative reviews.
• Edits will be made (phone number, address, images, key words) to the directories being addressed.
• Collection of your customer reviews through the internet and survey template.
• Posting of real feedback from your clients about their experience/s with your company.
• Detailed analysis at the end of each billing cycle to track your progress.

Although negative reviews won’t go away on their own and can’t be removed from Google’s search index, our services can be used to push the reviews down or to the second page of search results. Additionally, we work hard to remediate your Google Places and online reviews around the Web by using testimonials from real customers who have purchased your products and services with our special “insert the tag name for your program here” program.

We offer a free review and consultation of your personal needs. Don’t let your business suffer lost sales from negative reviews online another day, contact us now at 800-880-1716!

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